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ABF Thick Chicken Cutlets

Chef Michael's Roasted Duck
chickenstuff with florentine

Chicken Florentine in Pastry 



boneless duck breasts




Honey Chicken Kabob

Honey BBQ Chicken Kabobs




Chef Michael's Buffalo Chicken Bites

Breaded Chicken Fingers

Chicken Pot Pies

ABF Thin Chicken Cutlets

All Natural Chicken Sausage

All Natural Poussin

Bourbon Chicken

Breaded Italian Cutlets

Chicken Fajita Strips

Gluten Free Chicken Fingers

Chicken Cordon Bleu


Choice Filet Mignon 5oz.

Chef Michael's Chateaubriand
Chef Michael's Angus Rib Eye Roasts
Chef Michael's Dakota Organic Filet Mignons

Choice Filet Mignon 8oz.

Angus Rib Eye

Chopped Sirloin

Steak Burgers

Sante Fe Steaks

Buffalo Burgers

Bourbon Steak

Dakota Certified Organic Burgers

Bourbon Steak & Chicken

Beef Pot Pies

Angus “Cowboy” Steak

Tri-Tip Steak

Angus Strip Steak


Tortilla Tilapia

Orange Roughy

Chilean Sea Bass


Norwegian Salmon

Jumbo Lump Crabcakes

Sea Scallops Dry U-10

Raw P/D Shrimp


Sole Elite Seafood Filets

Sole Seafood Elites


 cream of crab
Peruvian Mahi-Mahi

Peruvian Mahi-Mahi




Lemon Pepper Sole

21/25 Large Cooked Shrimp

Bajou Shrimp

Ahi Tuna

Gluten Free Crabcakes

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

 Scallops Wrapped in Bacon


Gourmet Lobster Tail




Chef Michael's Tail on Monster Shrimp6/8 Tail on Monster Shrimp



Appetizer Crabcakes



Price: 5lbs for $79.00

Saucisson a L’ail

Chef Michael's Stuffed Pork Roasts

Rack of Lamb


Luscious Ribs


Top Round Veal Cutlets


ABF Pork Filets


Side Dishes


Pizza Petites


Stuffed Potatoes


Gratin Potato Balls


Lasagna-Meat Sauce

Pearl Couscous



Exotic Grains

Exotic Grains and Fire Roasted Vegetables




Orzo, Grains and Vegetable Blend

 Orzo, Grains and Vegetables



Eggplant Rollatine



Tiramisu Cake



Oreo Cookie Mouse Cake


Cheesecake Drops


Gluten Free Chocolate Cake



Keylime Pie


New York Cheese Cake


Chocolate Mousse Cake