Learn how to Pan Sear Steaks and Pork with Chef Michael

 Chef Michael Guessefeld show you how to pan sear Piedmontese Steaks, Pork and German Sausages! Never fear the frying pan again and cook up some fantastic, mouth watering entrees for your family in minutes! Learn your away around the kitchen with Chef Michael Guessefeld.

Learn to Grill Poussin with Chef Michael

Ever grill a whole chicken? Chef Michael’s all natural Poussin is a small chicken, grilled whole and with a taste to die for. This simple technique will take any chicken and turn it into a symphony of flavors. Learn to grill juicy meats with excellent seasoning. Chef Michael Guessefeld knows the tricks to impress your friends and neighbors! Check it out!

Pan Roast a Rack of Lamb with Chef Michael


From New Zealand, this rack of lamb is quite the delicacy. This is a grass fed product, tender and easy to prepare. Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you some seamless techniques for preparing lamb with a Dijon mustard and breadcrumb crust that is to die for! This mouth watering recipe will impress your guests and leave your kids begging for more. Your never alone in the kitchen with Chef Michael’s Home Delivery.

Grill a Rack of Lamb with Chef Michael

Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you how easy it is to prepare a lamb entree. Only the finest products are recommended by Chef Michael so rest assured that your taste buds will be tingling after watching this recipe. Simple to prepare and a fantastic entree to impress your relatives with. You have the power to cook like a professional in your own kitchen with Chef Michael’s Home Delivery.

Saucisson a L’ail; A Chef Michael Guessefeld Specialty

Saucisson a L’ail, french garlic sausage, is a unique, distinct and rich meat product. Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you how to prepare his Saucisson a L’ail. Imagine a savory sausage wrapped in a blanket of buttery, flaky crust and served with a Dijon mustard. In this video, you can almost taste the final product.This dish is bold, rich and oh so satisfying. Get your taste buds excited for Chef Michael’s Saucisson a L’ail technique.Chef Michael always tries to make dinner interesting and unique, give one of his enrapturing recipes a try!

Chef Michael Guessefeld’s Famous Potato Salad Recipe

Tired of bland potato salads? Try bringing this to your next picnic, a potato salad with some “pop”. Your relatives will be begging for this recipe after they’ve had a taste. Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you his secret recipe and how you take that boring potato salad and add a “zing” to it. Perfect dish to compliment those burgers on your grill! They say Mother knows best, Chef Michael’s famous and flavorful recipe was passed down to him by his own Mother.Tradition is the secret ingredient to the most fantastic recipes. Check it out and start your own tradition with Chef Michael Guessefeld!

Grilling Ribs with Chef Michael

Nothing says summer like some ribs on the grill. These ribs are pre-cooked so just a little heating up on the grill with some hot dogs and hamburgers is all it takes to make your barbeque complete! Chef Michael Guessefeld makes it painless to throw a picnic together. With this product, no mouth will be left unsullied by tangy BBQ sauce. Enjoy them while the weather is nice! Check these ribs out now!

Chef Michael Guessefeld’s Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Chef Michael Guessefeld wants to make preparing a fantastic meal, both easy and fun. With Chef Michael’s new line of sauces you can take any dish and turn it into a 5 star entree, capable of being served in any restaurant setting. Take these tips and tricks and make your own chicken with wild mushroom sauce or use the Chef Michael technique to make this sauce with your next steak, veal or pork.

Chef Michael Guessefeld’s Cowboy Steak with Red Wine Demi-glaze

Have you ever wondered the secret to making your home cooked entree into a restaurant quality dish? Well wonder no more! Chef Michael shows you how to turn your next steak into a master piece. With his exquisite line of sauces, you can make your very own red wine demi-glaze as easy as 1,2,3. Chef Michael makes it easy for you to cook professionally right in your own kitchen, watch and learn! Amaze your loved ones with your fine tuned skills. Check it out now!

Chef Michael’s Steak Au Povire

Another Chef Michael Guessefeld masterpiece. The angus strip steak au povire is a dish to tickle your taste buds and will have you licking up every last drop of this savory sauce. Not a soul on your block will be able to make sauces like this! This is high end sauce work, made simple by Chef Michael’s Home Delivery. Give Chef Michael’s sauce collection a try and see what you are missing!


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