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Veal Sweetbreads

/ $149.00 per case

Sweetbreads are a delicacy in French cooking. They are the thymus gland of the Calf. I realize this doesn’t sound appetizing but they truly are delicious in the hands of a capable Chef. I’d be happy to give a demonstration to prove my point.

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Calves Brains

/ $129.00 per case

This is a delicacy in France. So much so that if I’m in a French Restaurant and Calves Brains are on the menu I’m ordering it with no hesitation. I would be glad to show you the preparation if your interested.

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Top Round Veal Cutlets

/ $139.00 per case

Veal is difficult to find in any store these days. These thin cutlets are cut from the Top Round of Veal which results in a premium product. These thin cutlets will thaw quickly. Great for breaded veal dishes.