Chef Michael’s Garlic Demonstration

Ever wonder the trick that Italian restaurants use to slice their garlic so fine? Or how they make garlic paste? Well wonder no more! Chef Michael Guessefeld is a man of culinary expertise and is ready to help you with any cooking technique. With Chef Michael’s Home Delivery you truly get your own personal chef, take advantage of these lessons on tricks of the trade and make your next meal taste like a dish from your favorite restaurant!

Chef Michael’s Appetizer Crab Dip Demonstration

Finding the perfect appetizers to serve your party guests can sometimes be tricky. Show your neighbors your culinary expertise with this fantastic crab dip appetizer. Your Bunco ladies will be dying to know where you found this product and begging you for the recipe. Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you how to take an ordinary dish and turn it into a sophisticated snack. Chef Michael’s Home Delivery has an entire appetizer section devoted to the party lover in you!

Chef Michael’s Appetizer Crab Cake Demonstration

Do you love jumbo lump crab? Want to show off at the next party you are hosting? Then this demonstration is for you! Chef Michael Guessefeld shows you how easy it is to turn your party into a sophisticated swaray. Tantelize your guest’s taste buds with Chef Michael’s Appetizer crab cake, mini versions of his Jumbo Lump Crab Cake. Invite the neighbors and have all the ladies talking, with Chef Michael, the party practically throws itself!

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