Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Check out this great video about how you can make sauce work at home easy!

Chef Michael Guessefeld wants to make preparing a fantastic meal, both easy and fun. With Chef Michael’s new line of sauces you can take any dish and turn it into a 5 star entree, capable of being served in any restaurant setting. Take these tips and tricks and make your own chicken with wild mushroom sauce or use the Chef Michael technique to make this sauce with your next steak, veal or pork.

Cowboy Steak with Red Wine Demi-Glaze Sauce

Have you ever wondered the secret to making your home cooked entree into a restaurant quality dish? Well wonder no more! Chef Michael shows you how to turn your next steak into a master piece. With his exquisite line of sauces, you can make your very own red wine demi-glaze as easy as 1,2,3. Chef Michael makes it easy for you to cook professionally right in your own kitchen, watch and learn! Amaze your loved ones with your fine tuned skills. Check it out now!

Chef Michael’s Customer Appreciation Referral Program

Check out how Chef Michael gives back to his fantastic clients!

Chef Michael Guessefeld wants to thank all of his lovely and devoted clients. Does Wegman’s give your money back for referrals? How about Giant or Whole Foods? Chef Michael Guessefeld has designed a product that gives back to his customers and shows his appreciation for their business and recommendations. Watch this short video and learn about how you can be making money while enjoying the best food on the market!


Only the Best Will Make it into my Clients Freezers

Chef Michael is a “center of the plate specialist”; quality driven and convenient, making food preparation at home relaxing and pleasurable.

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  • Flash Frozen & Individual Portion Control Packaging
  • CIA(Culinary Institute of America) Trained Chef Available for Consultations
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